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Austin City Limits here we come!

Austin City Limits here we come!

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Austin City Limits here we come!

If you’re a music fan or live in Texas, you know the Austin City Limits music festival. The festival is inspired by the PBS show of the same name that has aired since 1976. The music festival has only been around since 2002 but it’s grown to be a huge, 2 weekend festival featuring bands from around the world.

Austin City Limits 2016 - Festival Map
Austin City Limits 2016 – Festival Map

While you may be more familiar with SXSW, ACL actually pulls in more fans – 450,000 people last year – now that’s a Texas-sized music festival. Just take a look at the number of stages (8) and lineup for weekend two. On average, each stage has 5 artists playing between 11:00am and 10:00pm each day with some stages hosting up to 7 acts, wow!

ACL Weekend 2 Lineup - 2016

Have you been to Austin? It’s a live music fan’s dream and guess what? For the first time ever, the HackNow’s will be in attendance! We’re so excited to finally make it to this show, the second weekend that is (you buy tickets for the first or second weekend, or both). Some of the more popular bands we’ll be seeing are Radiohead, LL Cool J, The Chainsmokers, Kendrick Lamar and Willie Nelson among about 40 other less well-known but just as awesome bands.

This seems like a great opportunity for another live tweeting event, so follow along this weekend on Twitter using #ACLFest.

Like all festivals, they have some strict rules for what you can bring inside the gates. Some of the standards are no professional photography equipment, no recording devices, no weapons, no glass… but how about these? No aerosol sunscreens, no selfie sticks, no shade structures, no spiked jewelry… I guess Mrs. HackNow has to leave her spiked collar behind!

Of course whenever you go to an all-day event like this, you need to pack accordingly. I’ve been looking for a good reason to buy a new sling backpack that is smaller and lighter than our usual travel backpack. I thought this would be the right time to make my order. At only $17.99 ($38.99 list price), here is what we bought. It should arrive on our doorstep in that iconic brown box tomorrow!

I’m expecting it to hold one bottle of water, two fold-up rain ponchos, two cell phones, one Anker backup battery, one blanket, sunscreen lotion (spray sunscreen is not allowed, talk about a step backwards for society :o), and some insect repellent wipes. Hopefully the bag is just big enough to carry these items. I’ll report back and let you know.

I will say that, as always, it was fun for my analytical brain to get on Amazon and sort/filter my way to the best purchase. 4 star items only please!

Wish us luck this weekend. It’s been more than a few years since we did the multi-day festival thing – but it should be a blast!

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