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F.I.R.E. Starter

F.I.R.E. Starter

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Well, it’s been 2 months since our blog entry “We Didn’t Start the F.I.R.E.” where we laid out our busted plan to light the F.I.R.E. Those two months have come and gone in a flash and a lot has happened. Let’s get an update.

As you’ll remember, the plan was for Mrs. HackNow to kiss her full-time job goodbye. Just days before pulling the trigger so that her last day aligned with our kids last day of school, the plan was blown up by our long-time renter who gave his 30 day notice. While we knew that our renter wouldn’t stay forever, we hadn’t planned to be without that rental income, let alone the expense of carrying the note and utilities on just one salary. This led us to push off the resignation to a later date. At that time, we didn’t know what the later date would be, as we assumed it would hinge on updating the rental unit and finding a new tenant. 2 months, 3 months, 4 months? We didn’t know.

So here we are, 2 months later and guess what? Mrs. HackNow’s last day on the job (as a full-time employee that is) is this Friday! So we have a new renter, right? No, not yet. Hopefully soon though. I guess you could say events of the last 2 months have changed our plans again.

Update on the job: Just dealing with the continued stress of the job, and the general combativeness of the boss, has taken it’s toll. The day-to-day grind of dealing with a micro-manager who doesn’t trust you to do your job, a job that you’ve been doing for years, can beat you down. Enough was enough. Mrs. HackNow suffered through as long as she could and it’s well passed time to cut the cord.

What changed that finally led to that resignation letter? Well, there are a couple of reasons that made this decision bearable for two people who appreciate full-time incomes.

Reason #1) Mrs. HackNow was presented with a part-time contract opportunity that will fill in some of the income gap while giving her time to focus on the kids and her side hustles, this was a huge blessing. Even though our finances work solely on one income, it’s a comfort to replace some of that gap with reliable income. While the resignation would have come eventually, this is one of the reasons we’ve gone ahead and re-initiated the plan. Why work full-time and be unhappy full-time when you can work part-time and be happy full-time?

Why work full-time and be UNHAPPY full-time

when you can work part-time and be HAPPY full-time?

Update on life: Reason #2) This was the kicker. In early June we experienced a near tragedy in our family. We almost lost someone very dear to us. It was an unexpected event that we both witnessed first-hand and it shook us. Without going into details, we were faced with losing someone in an instant, and it made us re-think our priorities. We thank God that everything has turned out well, but it was a razor thin line between where we are today and tragedy. The impact, especially to Mrs. HackNow is that it focuses your mind on how you want to be spending your time. For her, it became clear that she was just wasting her time working in a negative, stressful situation every day when she really had a viable way out.

The contract opportunity filled the gap objectively in our minds, but the near tragedy sealed the deal subjectively. Put the two together and the decision became simple. There was no good reason to continue down a path when there was another trail to blaze.

Therefore, we lit the match! We consider this a first step towards F.I.R.E. While we still have a few years to go before we can both live off our investments, we can comfortably say that we have enough “F You” money to start the F.I.R.E. 5 years ago, 3 years, even last year? Who knows what the plan would have been. But today the goal is in sight!

Starting next week we’ll be living off of only one full-time salary but also one full-time stressor will be out of our lives.

Now, if I can only talk Mrs. HackNow into building out the blog page…

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