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#HNREfv San Francisco Tweet Recap

#HNREfv San Francisco Tweet Recap

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Hopefully you guys were able to follow along with us on our family vacation to San Francisco last week using the #HNREfv Twitter hashtag. If not, check out the tweets below along with some additional hacks and sarcastic commentary.

Fun fact – we travel hacked $1795 in savings thanks to the Southwest Companion pass, Capital One Venture card, and AAA. Check it out below!


I loved this picture of the Santas walking down Lombard for our live tweet invite. Perfect for this trip.

This pic was taken by my youngest daughter out of her window seat on our Southwest flight (her free Companion seat that is!).

While we didn’t necessarily enjoy our stay at the Hilton Union Square (more on this later), we thoroughly enjoyed the Cityscape bar on the 46th floor with wraparound views of the city.

This pic was taken from the top level of the double decker Big Bus Tour of the city. The temp was about 50 and so were the headwinds crossing the beautiful Golden Gate!

Really enjoyed The Italian Homemade Company. The food was affordable and super tasty and served to you by true Italians. I would definitely go back – and we almost did when our preferred pizza spot was closed for renovations.

Yes, a buzzkill. Our girls were stoked to recreate the opening scene of Full House. Both girls love the show and grew up watching the re-runs. They even binge watched Fuller House when it came out. We still got some good pics, but they wanted to sit in that exact spot 🙁

Visiting the Botanical Gardens was not on the list but we’re sure glad we did it. This was a great way to get a break from the city and enjoy nature while on our vacation in the city.

So we were totally bummed that Sam Wo was closed between lunch and dinner when we arrived. Mrs. HackNow loves Chinese food and we really wanted to hit what Google and Yelp say is the best spot (with kids anyhow). We ended up nearby, but not in Chinatown, at Yan’s Kitchen. While the food was good, it just wasn’t the same.

Look, parents need a chance to get away for a night cap at some point during the family vacay!

We took the Powell/Mason cable car line from near our hotel to Lombard street and got off at the top of the hill. This was a cool experience that the kids really loved. It’s such a beautiful view and quintessential San Fran.

Ok, so they don’t tell you that the wait is another 30+ minutes after ordering once you’ve already waited 30+ minutes in line. While the food/drink was good, I would not recommend spending that much time waiting.

We weren’t planning (and didn’t) on spending time at Fisherman’s Wharf but we made our way through after leaving Ghirardelli on our way to Pier 39 to see the Seal Lions. Mrs. HackNow couldn’t resist a fresh clam chowder.

Boom. Littlest HackNow wanted to see the Sea Lions.

We truly stumbled upon Tony’s Slice House after attempting to eat at Golden Boy Pizza around the corner. Wouldn’t you know that it was closed for renovation/vacation during the holiday? So we retraced our steps and headed back to Tony’s which had a line out the door – we figured this was a good sign. However, after hearing that the wait was over an hour, we sidled over next door to Tony’s sister restaurant, the Slice House. We were more than happy to pay for our 4 slices and sit on the sidewalk patio while enjoying Tony’s slices of crispy goodness. Recommended!

Is it just me or does the natives use of the term “the city” seem a bit pretentious? I mean we all know the only city deserving of the title “the city” is NYC, right?

We’re Texans through and through, and seeing Selena’s larger-than-life image in a Mac store on Powell street in San Fran was just too cool. If you’re not familiar with Selena’s story and music, check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

This is the biggest #TimeHack tip of them all. Don’t waste your time in line at the start of the Powell/Mason cable car line. Instead, wait one block down in a much shorter line. It may seem like you won’t get on because the cars were just filled but surprisingly, they keep packing people on at each stop. This saved us at least an hour.

Yes, we’re Halal Guys fanatics. #whitesauce

Uber was a great way to get around downtown San Fran. It seems like every ride was about $8 and most cars showed up within seconds (no kidding, it was really seconds) of ordering.

Ok, stepping up to my soapbox – don’t be a jerk and hurriedly run up several rows as soon as the seat belt sign turns off. You’re not better than us, in fact your worse. Actually, you’re the worst kind of human. Next time I might just tell you to have a nice “trip.”

Damn I love saving money! Thanks to Southwest, Chase, Capital One, and AAA the HackNow family saved $1795 on this vacation. Dolla dolla bills y’all!

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