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My watch has ended.

My watch has ended.

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“My watch has ended.”

Jon Snow is done, just done. He’s had enough and he’s flipping his desk and walking out.

Ok, he was much calmer than that, but this is how I related to Jon’s succinct declaration of retirement at the beginning of this week’s episode “Book of the Stranger.”

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I finally caught up with this week’s episode of Game of Thrones and the first thing I hear from Jon Snow is “my watch has ended.” I guess it’s #FIRE on the brain but I immediately associated his proclamation with my future drop-the-mic, FU moment. I can picture myself walking in the office for one last time, walking up to my boss and calmly declaring that “my watch has ended.”

Now I can’t honestly compare my career to Jon Snow’s reign as Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, but I can certainly relate to finally having enough of the constant struggles and responsibility of the cubicle life. I’ve reached a point in my career where climbing the corporate ladder is no longer a goal, I’m simply happy to come in at 8:00, leave at 5:00 and bring value to the best of my ability. Any more than that and I’m disinterested. Soon I plan to sit down and map out our exact path to King’s Landing, err Early Retirement and publish our #FIRE date for all of Westeros to see.

Well in this week’s episode I see the same lack of interest in Jon Snow when Eddison (Edd) Tollett asks him, “What are you gonna do?” The man of few words that he is, Jon simply replies, “Get warm.”

jonsnow_9possdwWell there you have it! I couldn’t have said it better myself. All I freakin’ want to do is get warm too. Is that too much to ask? To quit this job and head south for warmer climes? Of course I’m quickly jolted back to Castle Black when Jon follows up with “They killed me, my own brothers. You want me to stay here after that?”

Ok, so my career hasn’t been as stressful and dangerous as Jon’s stint as Lord Commander, but retirement is kind of like being raised from the dead to live a new life, right? Ok, that might actually be blasphemous if I wasn’t talking about Jon’s resurrection on Game of Thrones.

Ramsay_and_yaraSo I guess that’s where the parallels end. I just thought it was a great #FIRE parallel for many of us when I heard “My watch has ended” and “Get warm,” as many of our post #FIRE plans fall in line with these statements. I would wish Jon a nice trip to the Summer Isles so he can get the peace he is yearning for. However, in the next scene at Castle Black, Sansa shows up and talks Jon into an epic battle for Winterfell (and Rickon) against that penis-cutting, baby-killing Ramsay Bolton. Not the side hustle I would pick, but I have a feeling things will work out well for the Starks.

With that said, I’m solidly in House Targaryen. How can you pick against a woman who is immune to fire? Fire immunity, that’s a nice side hustle.

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