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Mrs. HackNow and I have spent years making thoughtful purchases and investments. Each one comes with more analysis than it should and often a few lessons learned. This page is for our followers who are interested in gaining a better understanding into who we are and how we got here.

These recommendations are products that we own, or have owned, and bought with serious consideration. They’re products that we are confident in recommending because of pre-purchase research and post-purchase review. You won’t see any recommendations for products that we didn’t buy or products that we wouldn’t buy again.

You might wonder what qualifies a product for a HackNow recommendation, well I basically take a mental note of any product or service that I mention to my friends and family in passing.  I feel that if I’m talking about it with my friends and family then it’s worth recommending on the blog.  Sometimes, what I recommend has an affiliate or referral link, sometimes it doesn’t.  The purpose of this page is to be a storage tank of financial tools and guidance, not a click generator.

We hope you find these recommendations helpful. As always, please comment with any thoughts or questions.



We’re written about some of these recommended products in the blog entries below. The others might appear in a future blog. But check each of them out, I assure you there is a value-component to each one.

speckcase ooma1 ankerbatterybackup

phonemount  boostmobile



These are books that I’ve read and have been inspired by. I don’t follow every tenet of these books but I’ve taken nuggets from each over the years. Each is a great resource unto itself and is worthy of a spot on your FIRE bookshelf.

thinkandgrowrich   millionairenextdoor   richdadpoordad   suzeorman



This is a list of bloggers that we like to follow and interact with. Each of these guys (and gals) are active on Twitter as well. They’ve either achieved FIRE or are well on their way or they’re travel pros. Check them out and learn a ton!

Secret Retirees 2018
Freedom Is Groovy
Family Money Plan
Our Next Life
Get Rich Quick’ish
The Retirement Manifesto
Massive Debt to Mogul
Think $ave Retire
Get FIRE’d asap
The Frugal Vagabond
Two Cup House
Sell All Your Stuff


Credit Cards

In an upcoming blog series I’ll introduce you to the credit cards in our HackNow wallet. Here are a few that we’ll end up writing more about.


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    1. Hey Groovy! You’re welcome, I’ve been meaning to add some of you who I consider my influential bloggers for a while. Finally got it published in the last week. Keep doing what you’re doing!

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