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We’re Live!

We’re Live!

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Welcome Hackers! We’re thrilled to announce the launch of! While we’ve been living on Twitter and Facebook for several months now, it’s taken us some time to get our blog ready. We’ve been so inspired by other blogs out there that finally launching Hack Now Retire Early feels great!

We’re delighted about sharing our story with you and actively participating in the personal finance and travel community. There is so much knowledge and wisdom to soak in; we hope we can do our part as well. Our goal is to make this blog a reference point in addition to an inspiration to those out there looking to better understand how they can achieve the financial independence that leads to autonomous lifestyle choices. Ours is by no means the only way, but it’s working for us so we hope to encourage others. To find out more about us and why we value connecting with you, head on over to our About Us page.

We will be adding more content and resources to the site in the coming weeks, so be sure to follow us on social media. Thanks for visiting and welcome to our community!

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11 thoughts on “We’re Live!

    1. Thanks so much Gail! It’s been a long road but we’re thrilled to finally be up and live as well. I hope to see you around here a lot.

    1. Ty – You’re the coolest! You’re definitely one of our friends out there that have inspired us to keep up with it. Thanks for the kind words and we’ll talk more.

    1. ChrisCD – Thanks for the recommendation! We’re actually signed up with MailChimp, I just need to plug it in. I’ll get to that soon. I appreciate the tip.

  1. Welcome to blogging. Reading your backstory and interests, sounds like we have much in common. Travel, family, FIRE. A trio of goodies!

    Look forward to seeing what comes next, blog, life and all.


    Mr. PIE.

    1. Mr. Pie – Thanks so much for the note. We already follow you guys on Twitter and I just checked out your blog as well, I really like the way you have it set up. I’ll be spending more time over there.

      We definitely have a log in common other than we have girls and you have boys. And +1 on the wine!

      Thanks again for swinging by, I hope to see more of you.

  2. OMG! We’re such novices! We had these comments just sitting in WordPress awaiting our approval and all along we thought we weren’t getting any comments. Gotta learn the hard way sometimes I guess. Thanks for the responses everyone!

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